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    What is hardscaping? Hardscaping is portion of landscaping that includes inanimate objects such as stone, steel and concrete structures.While softscaping or basic landscaping deals with plants and organic design and structure,

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    Nothing expresses Southern California living better than private summer days wading in your jacuzzi or laying poolside. With our design and creativity we can help create the pool of your dreams made with quality and care

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    Often times the outside of our homes don’t match the insides. We’re here to show you how comfortable the outdoors can really be. At Infinity Construction and Design inc. outdoor design is about making the best of any space.

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    Infinity Design & Construction infuses beauty and tranquility, with style and functionality to create a one of a kind, magical landscape. What’s your design influence? Is it Asian magical landscape, Mediterranean, Tropical,
    maybe it’s Californian

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